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  • Available in XS - S - M - L - XL.
  • Fit:  Relaxed  
  • FS Alpaca (100%),
  • Handwash/Dry Clean

CRD-1559 All alpaca Black & White Floral Cardigan

SKU: 0005
  • Another sweater from our Black & White collection, sober and elegant without being sophisticated. This Cardigan has a floral design, is cozy and light, a slightly wide silhouette, and has six buttons on the front with an O-neckline.

  • HANDWASHING / All alpaca garments should be washed by hand, preferably, like this: (a) Gently hand wash in cool water (up to 85°F) with a mild soap. (b) We recommend using Luxury Fibre Wash, our natural, non-toxic formula that maintains the garment’s natural lanolin and oils. (c) Do not use the hand wash cycle in a washing machine. (d) Never use chlorine bleach. (e) Gently press to remove excess water. Do not wring or twist; handle gently to avoid wrinkles and distortion. (f) Dry flat (lay horizontally for drying). (g) Block to dry (reshape to original dimensions while drying). (h) Smooth by hand while wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings.

    DRY CLEANING / This is another recommended way of washing: (a) Seek out a reputable cleaner that is a member of the International Fabricare Institute. (b) Bring with you any labels or hangtags that contain fiber information or care instructions. (c) Outfits with several pieces should be cleaned at the same time to avoid any color discrepancies resulting from cleaning. (d) Inform the cleaner of any spots or stains; they will want to treat some stains before the dry cleaning process. (e) Your cleaner may also provide mothproofing. Request this service, if needed.

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