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To be a socially responsible and qualified company to transform the natural fibers that our country possesses: Alpaca and Pima cotton, in clothing for adults and children, with a seal of quality, creativity and inspired by the beauty of our history and geography .


Position ourselves as a leading company in the sector for export and reach the markets of the world with garments of quality, design, comfort and suitable to contemporary fashion, seeking the satisfaction of our customers.


We were born in 2016. We participated in Peru Moda that year to contact and have our first clients. And we achieve that goal. In the TakiOnqoy team, we have people with a lot of experience in the production ant the knitting of garments of all shapes and designs. People passionate about natural fibers that provide warmth, freshness, and softness such as alpaca and organic cotton. People passionate about the work and dream of bringing our quality garments to the whole world.

We are here to attend any of your collection development order. We wait for you.

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